ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Creative industries as a factor in development

Entrepreneurship. According to the most used definition, the creative industries have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have the potential to create wealth and jobs by generating and exploiting intellectual property.

The sector of creative industries can stimulate the economic the economic development of regions. The main effects include creation of work places, tax revenues to the central and local budgets, impact on the other sectors of the economy.

Significant role plays also activating the community by creating new markets, local promotion, transformation processes in selected areas and activities against social and economic excusion.

The creative industries have been seen to become very important to socio-economic development because human creativity is an unlimited resource.


Our activities are aimed at supporting  entrepreneuership in the area of creative  industries. To achieve this goal we develop a complex  project  combining  knowledge, business praxis and innovation. We built projects relating to the following creative industries:

  • educational games
  • publishing
  • crafts
  • R&D
  • advertising
  • design
  • arts & culture



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