Objective: Preparing the complex programme for learning  and self-learning Polish language by foreigners undertaking work and/or study in Poland.

Reasons: Poland becomes a target for rapidly growing immigration of the people from around the world, especially from developing countries. The coming foreigners beginning work or study need to learn quickly Polish language and seek the possibillity to learn  it even before the arrival to Poland. There is a need to create the course of Polish language  including e-learning system, taking into account the origin of immigrants and their language specifics.

Outline: The project includes the following elements:

  • Analysis of the needs of immigrants in the field of Polish language  (expert report)
  • Preparing and consultation of the programme for language learning
  • Building of the e-learning language platform
  • Preparing the e-books for self-learning
  • Project management conducted by  ZF Polish Language LAB

Cooperation: Foundations achieving education goals,  international organizations, grant makers and others.


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