We established the Education Innovation LAB to create a place where we can explore new approaches of education. The LAB is a collaborative platform dedicated to further developing the culture of learning by promoting teaching innovations. We develop the projects in the fields of the game – based learning and blended learning.

Our aim is to create a new learning culture. Together with our experts we develop new learning methods. We collaborate with primary and secondary schools, universities and higher vocational schools to explore creative tools to teaching and learning.


Objectives: Fostering innovative approaches to teaching and programme design, promoting new pedagogical practices,  developing digital and online tools facilitating learning.

Reasons: The new development trends in our society cause challenges to the existing education systems. In addition to required knowledge, the development of new skills plays an important role. The most preferred skills include creativity,  innovation, personal communication and the use of latest technologies. The new learning techniques are attractive especially for the youngest generations, so they should play a crucial role in teaching programmes. In the digital era using of the game-based learning becomes required part of the learning process.

Outline: Educational innovation project includes the following elements:

  • Expert report on the quality of learning and the needs in the primary and secondary schools.
  • Creating and consultation of the new learning techniques, including educational games.
  • Implementing of the new programme in the selected schools.
  • Promoting the programme in the country and abroad.
  • Project management conducted by  ZF Education Innovation LAB

Cooperation: Educational institutions, foundations achieving education goals, grant makers and others.

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