We have started work aimed at the establishment  of the Center for Suicide Prevention, providing help to schools in the area of mental helth for children and youth.

Special attention shall be paid to the increasing number of suicides and suicide attemps among children and youth. Poland is one of the leaders in this infamous classification, taking second place in Europe and in the top of the world. Suicide was a taboo subject for many years. Now the situation is critical and needs actions.


According to statistics of the World Health Organization relating to the suicides, the number of people dying every year by suicide is 800,000. Every 40 seconds one life dies. Only 38 countries report having a national strategy for suicide prevention and only 60 countries have good-quality vital registration data on suicide.

In Poland more people die because of suicides than traffic accidents. In the year 2017 it was 5.2 thousands people, 80% of whom were men. The number of suicides is probably higher than shown in police statistics, because many incidents are not recorded  at all. Every fifth death of a teenager in Poland was caused by suicide. A suicide attempt takes place in Poland every 47 minutes.


The project of the CENTER FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION includes the following elements:

  • establishment of the Center for Suicide Prevention including children and youth,
  • developing cooperation with schools,
  • preventing specialist workshops,
  • preparation of resources in the field of mental health,
  • trainings for parents and pedagogues,
  • launch of helplines,
  • providing psychological help in the rural areas.




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