ENTREPRENEUERSHIP. Supporting economic development for future generations,  including entrepreneuership and activity of society.

SOCIAL SERVICES for the people in difficult life situation, including seniors, children and disabled persons.

EDUCATION. Initiatives in the area of practical and vocational education, based on the new learning techniques.

MENTAL HEALTH. Initiatives against addiction and depression, in particular among children and young people.

RELIGION AND TRADITION. Maintaining traditions, religion and cultural identity.

SMART COMMUNITIES. Supporting peripheral, rural areas, implementing models of smart development.

EMPLOYMENT. Promoting employment, vocational activation against social and work exclusion.

INNOVATION. Development of innovation, using of the latest technologies to improve quality of life.

APPLIED RESEARCH. Cooperation for applied research in the area of socio-economic and technological development.

INTEGRATION OF FOREIGNERS. Initiatives aimed at social, cultural and vocational integration.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Initiatives in the area of natural environment for sustainable development.

DEVELOPMENT OF DEMOCRACY. Activities including civil education and advice, building of civic society, protecting human rights.

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