Campaigns -Smartphone zombies on of 21st century hazards



In April we start with the action „Don’t be a smombie”. During this action  we will count the people in Warsaw and other cities in Poland, crossing the streets  using the smartphones with the heads down and inform about a danger.

The results and  pictures from the action will be presented at our website shortly. We hope to bring very interesting conclusion for the public authorities responsible for the transportation and safety.

Smombies – problem around the world

Smartphone zombies (smombies) are people using phones, including internet, while crossing the streets. In the context of safety on the streets, the phone zombies  are a problem around the world.

In South Korea, the cities put up signs that show people using smartphones walking into cars. The signs reminding people how dangerous walking can be when they do not pay attention. The problem is that people must look up from their smartphones to see the signs.

In Germany and in the Netherland were used bright strips of LED lights right in the sidewalk. In China in the city of Chongqing has tried to solve this problem by making two walking lines. One is for people who are not using smartphones as they walk. The other is for people walking with their heads down.

In Honolulu has passed a law making it illegal to enter a cross walk while you are looking at your smartphone. People who step out into traffic with their eyes on their phone face huge fines.



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