Smart Local Community Accelerator

We established  the Smart Community Accelerator to create complex programmes for underdeveloped peripheral regions to become smart local communities.

The Accelerator is a programme aimed at improving of local economic competitiveness and solving social problems.
Implementing latest technologies allows to improve the quality of life in rural areas and small cities and stop depopulation.

We work with community foundations and  local governments, to identify the opportunities  that can help these communities to solve social and  developmental problems.

In the Smart Community Accelerator we mobilize and invest technical and financial resources in a specific areas to improve the quality of life and promote community development.

We conduct the following  expert services allowing to identify development oppportunities.

  • Research of the local potentials (economy, society, culture, tradition)
  • Identification of the economic and/or social needs at the local level
  • Proposal of the projects  necessary for the socio-economic development
  • Formulation of the tailored concept of smart community
  •  Development strategy for the rural community
  • Social consultation concerning new projects
  • Promotion activities for new projects

smart community accelerator


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