Vocational education. The combination of vocational training and entrepreneuership gives people the opportunity to support socio-economic development of the local community and to increase quality of life.

One of our aims is to create a new learning culture. Together with our experts we develop new learning methods.

We collaborate with schools  and universities  to explore creative tools to teaching and learning.

In addition we foster innovative approaches to teaching and programme design, promoting new pedagogical practices and investigating how digital and online tools facilitate learning.


 Objective: Establishment of the  education institution (vocational school) conducting advanced vocational courses to cooperation with industry environment, based on the challenges of the international migration processes and technological development.

Reasons: Despite of the growing number of the foreigners coming to Poland. The offer of the vocational courses conducted in English language and taking into account. The cultural preferences of the international students. Is disproportionately small. The problem is of particular importance additionally  in the context of the foreigners leaving other European countries and coming to Poland. Also the groving demand for the foreign workers is an argument for establishing the tailored higher education.

Outline: The project includes the following elements:

  • Expert report on the quality of higher education in the vocational area in Poland.
  • Creating new programmes based on the cooperation with corporations and industry organisations.
  • Establishment of the higher vocational school with foreign units.
  • Implementing in the process of practical education the latest technology achievements.
  • Promoting the vocational education programmes at the international level.
  • Project management conducted by the Zabielski Foundation.

Cooperation: Foundations achieving goals relating to higher education,  international corporations, grant makers and others.

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